W.Va. Farmers Support H.B. 2453!

Just this morning, our governor expressed his support for new niche crops in WV. “We don’t need to have 500 nichecrops,” Justice said. “It may be as simple as having two or three.” The State Journal – Niche Crops Could Make Agriculture Mean Even Bigger Business in W.Va. With your support on H.B. 2453, industrial hemp could be one of those important niche crops that will support our state’s agricultural sector and the diversification of our state’s economy. Expanding access for farmers toenter the pilot program will help establish industrial hemp as a new niche crop for West Virginia. We need cash crops to improve our current farming operations. Expanding the program will increase the supply chain for industrial hemp and justify investment needed for specialized equipment and infrastructure. Please email your delegates in the Agricultural and Natural Resources Committee to vote YES on H.B. 2453 in support of the farmers of this state! 


WV Food and Farms Day – Feb 23!

An Alliance of Farm Groups Host Event to Engage with State Legislators
The West Virginia Food & Farm Coalition, the West Virginia Farmers Market Association, and the West Virginia Farmers Cooperative will host the 3rd annual Local Food and Farms Day at the Capitol on February 23rd at 9:00 AM. It will be held in the Upper House Rotunda at the State Capitol with both the press and the public invited. The day will be focused on engaging policymakers and citizens on the opportunities and challenges in developing the local food and agriculture sector in West Virginia.
The three hosting organizations work statewide to build the local food economy by supporting small-scale farmers, farmers markets, and local food businesses so they can best reach West Virginia consumers. An important part of this is advocating for policy that allows for local food enterprises to succeed.
There are three policy priorities this year, 1) the Cottage Foods bill, 2) Rabbit to Restaurant rule, and 3) Surface Owner’s Land Reunion bill. The Cottage Foods bill would expand the current cottage food law to enable home-based processing of low-acid preserves (ie. green beans, ramps, tomatoes) to be sold at venues such as farmers markets. The Rabbit rule would increase the number of rabbits that can be processed from 1,000 to 5,000 rabbits per year per premise to better allow small farmers to safely and profitably sell to local restaurants. The Surface Owner’s Land Reunion bill would give landowners’ right to first bid on the mineral rights if they are being sold at a public tax sale auction, helping to preserve West Virginia’s farmland.
There is a large amount of opportunity to strengthen West Virginia’s economy and its’ citizens health by developing the local food sector. These are objectives that resonates with people on both sides of the political aisle, and provides an exciting avenue for citizens and legislators to work together toward a common bipartisan goal.

President’s Day Hemp Meeting

Our Founding Fathers were men of great wisdom. In rebellion, they drafted the Declaration of Independence, arguably the most important document in American History. That document represented more than the freedom of our people, it represented our commitment to remain free people. After more than 80 years of unjustified prohibition, we are now free to cultivate a crop that was once considered essential to the wealth and protection of our nation.

We would like to invite you to join the President’s Day Hemp Meeting at Starlings Coffee in honor of George Washington’s birthday and our newfound freedom. We will have presentations from representatives of the West Virginia Hemp Industries Association, members of the West Virginia Farmers Cooperative, and guest members of our state government.

Don’t miss the opportunity to congregate with leaders of this exciting new industry.

RSVP to morgan@wvhia.org

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SIGN UP – Vote Hemp Organizes Hemp Lobby Day and Hemp Expo on Capitol Hill in D.C.

Hemp Business Owners, Farmers, Entrepreneurs and Activists to Push for Passage of Industrial Hemp Farming Act in Congress

WASHINGTON,  DC – Vote Hemp, the nation’s leading grassroots hemp advocacy organization working to change state and federal laws to allow commercial hemp farming, is organizing a Hemp Lobby Day in coordination with the Hemp Product Expo sponsored by Rep. Jared Polis (D-CO), to occur March 1, and February 28 2017, respectively, on Capitol Hill. Hundreds of hemp business owners, farmers and agronomists, entrepreneurs, and activists from around the country will meet with Congressional representatives in Washington, DC, to garner support for the Industrial Hemp Farming Act, and push Congress to make 2017 the year  industrial hemp farming is finally made legal in all 50 states. To register for this event, or sign up for concurrent lobby efforts taking place in states around the country, please SIGN UP HERE.

Hemp Legislative Update HERE.

Put Hemp Day on your Calendar, March 27 at the WV Capitol!

In the midst of challenging times, our roots stay strong beneath our feet. It is from these roots that our food, our culture, and our prosperity will grow. The WVHIA is committed to growing new crops that will diversify our economy and improve the business climate for all West Virginians. Whether you’re a landowner, a laborer, or an entrepreneur, there is tremendous opportunity to grow, work, and invest in bio-based economy of the future.

Join us for the historic Hemp Day at the West Virginia Capitol on Monday, March 27, 2017 to learn how you can get involved. Exhibitors will display hemp products and the many benefits sustainable industries can have for our health and our environment. With nearly 25,000 products to be derived from this plant, there is plenty of room for entrepreneurism and innovation in this up and coming industry that is already valued at over $600 million in the United States alone.

If you’re committed to a prosperous West Virginia, please become a sponsor of our campaign to promote agri-business in the Mountain State. You can learn more about participating in Hemp Day and contributing to our Kickstarter by visiting us at wvhia.org. To join your local hemp association, please visit thehia.org and select the West Virginia Chapter.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Why Join the WVHIA?

The West Virginia Hemp Industries Association (WVHIA) would like to announce that residents in West Virginia successfully grew and harvested the first yield of industrial hemp in this state in over 70 years. In 2017, we are seeking motivated entrepreneurs, business and thought leaders like yourself to make a difference in our state’s burgeoning agricultural industry.   You may already be asking yourself, “What does hemp have to do with me?” We are glad you asked! Let us explain why you should consider a Business, Farming, or Supporting membership with the WVHIA.

First, there is a demand for domestic hemp.  With nearly 25,000 products that can be derived from the plant, the total retail value of hemp products in 2015 sold in the US was $573 million and growing.  This industry provides new potential for investment in your future success.

Second, you can grow hemp in state with relative ease.  Whether you’re a landowner, a skilled laborer, or a current business owner, you can invest or grow and potentially receive an additional income from hemp without leaving your chosen profession.   If we all together produce a critical mass supply of locally grown hemp, new industries will develop; thus diversifying West Virginia’s economy and improving the business climate for everyone in our state.

Third, we are committed to developing infrastructure in hemp farming, processing and advanced manufacturing.  Your participation in our supply chain of industrial hemp will be a catalyst for the rebirth in quality American Made products and ignite job creation for all West Virginians.

If you’re committed to your own financial future that would translate to a more prosperous future in West Virginia, it’s time to think out of the box. Contact us to learn how hemp can help you and your business! Please visit us at thehia.org and select the West Virginia Chapter to join your local hemp movement.

We look forward to hearing from you!