West Virginia Hemp Industries Association

To the Hemp Industry of West Virginia: 


 The West Virginia Hemp Industries Association (“WVHIA”) is proud to represent hemp farmers, manufacturers, processors, researchers and retailers across the state of West Virginia in a unified effort to protect our state’s emerging hemp industry. We began our work lobbying the WV Legislature and the WV Department of Agriculture in 2015 to inform the political process and develop laws and regulations that are conducive to a profitable industry. Since that time, we have passed legislation to increase the number of hemp licenses that may be issued by the WVDA, to allow certification of hemp seeds for breeding and commercial sales, and defeated damaging legislation from GW Pharmaceuticals that would have scheduled all hemp-derived CBD and prevented all CBD sales that were not FDA approved and prescribed by a physician. To that end, our team of dedicated lobbyists effectively saved the hemp CBD industry in WV. 

Now that the 2018 Farm Bill has passed, we are battling to keep the industry moving in a positive and profitable direction. WVHIA is advocating for the WVDA to develop sampling protocols that fairly accommodate the intact flower and whole plant ground biomass markets. Please see our letter to Commissioner Leonhardt requesting that we adopt similar sampling protocols as our neighbors in Kentucky. We are circulating a Petition to Revise Hemp Sampling Protocols to collect signatures in support of our request that the WVDA evolve their sampling protocols to fairly reflect the very distinct markets for hemp. We hope that you will lend your signature to help protect our industry.

In addition, the WVDA has recently released revisions to Title 61 Series 29 and 30 that contains the regulations for hemp production, manufacturing, and product sales. We believe that the WVDA has overstepped their regulatory bounds in a number of ways that need to be immediately addressed in the public comment period that ends July 22, 2019. Please see our model Public Comments for Tile Series 61-29 and Title Series 61-30 to advocate for fair and reasonable modifications to their rule making process. Please view and sign our Petition letter directed to Kent Leonhardt, cast your public comments, and join the WVHIA today to help fund the work that protects our hemp industry. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, we would love to hear from you! Please visit us at or email me directly at Thank you in advance for your participation and we look forward to hearing from you!   

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