W.Va. Farmers Support H.B. 2453!

Just this morning, our governor expressed his support for new niche crops in WV. “We don’t need to have 500 nichecrops,” Justice said. “It may be as simple as having two or three.” The State Journal – Niche Crops Could Make Agriculture Mean Even Bigger Business in W.Va. With your support on H.B. 2453, industrial hemp could be one of those important niche crops that will support our state’s agricultural sector and the diversification of our state’s economy. Expanding access for farmers toenter the pilot program will help establish industrial hemp as a new niche crop for West Virginia. We need cash crops to improve our current farming operations. Expanding the program will increase the supply chain for industrial hemp and justify investment needed for specialized equipment and infrastructure. Please email your delegates in the Agricultural and Natural Resources Committee to vote YES on H.B. 2453 in support of the farmers of this state! 


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  1. I 100% support H.B. 2453! Not only is hemp uses extremely versatile but also environmentally beneficial in many ways. One acre of hemp can produce 4 times more paper than one acre of trees! All types of paper products can be produced from hemp: newsprint, computer paper, stationary, cardboard, envelopes, toilet paper, even tampons. Paper production from hemp would eliminate the need to chop down BILLIONS of trees! MILLIONS of acres of forests and huge areas of wildlife habitat could be preserved. Fewer caustic and toxic chemicals are used to make paper from hemp than are used to make paper from trees – LESS POLLUTION! Hemp can also be substituted for cotton to make textiles. Hemp fiber is 10 times stronger than cotton and can be used to make all types of clothing. Cotton grows only in warm climates and requires enormous amounts of water. Hemp requires little water and grows in all 50 states! There are now many stores in the U.S. that sell hemp-derived products such as clothing, paper, cheese, soap, ice cream, cosmetics, and hemp oil. Demand for these products – not even in existence in 1992 – is growing rapidly. Building materials that substitute for wood can be made from hemp. These wood-like building materials are stronger than wood and can be manufactured cheaper than wood from trees. Using these hemp- derived building materials would reduce building costs and save even more trees! The benefits of hemp are long. Hemp was NOT banned because it was a harmful drug. Hemp was banned because it was a competitive threat to the wood products industry and newly developed synthetic fibers that were patentable, and therefore more profitable than hemp. Corporations that profited from the demise of hemp propagated a smear campaign against hemp by claiming that marijuana use was a major drug problem (it was not) and that marijuana use caused people to become extremely violent – another falsehood. Unfortunately, these false claims went unchallenged and Congress outlawed hemp in 1937. Unfortunately, millions of Americans still believe the lies spread about marijuana/hemp. WV would benefit in many ways with H.B. 2453! Stop wasting time, resources and money on dying and/or NON renewable, non reliable resources and move forward to a more sustainable future before its too late. The clock is ticking and WV is in a crisis from poor planning for the future already. H.B. 2453 is a no brainer!

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