Why Join the WVHIA?

The West Virginia Hemp Industries Association (WVHIA) would like to announce that residents in West Virginia successfully grew and harvested the first yield of industrial hemp in this state in over 70 years. In 2017, we are seeking motivated entrepreneurs, business and thought leaders like yourself to make a difference in our state’s burgeoning agricultural industry.   You may already be asking yourself, “What does hemp have to do with me?” We are glad you asked! Let us explain why you should consider a Business, Farming, or Supporting membership with the WVHIA.

First, there is a demand for domestic hemp.  With nearly 25,000 products that can be derived from the plant, the total retail value of hemp products in 2015 sold in the US was $573 million and growing.  This industry provides new potential for investment in your future success.

Second, you can grow hemp in state with relative ease.  Whether you’re a landowner, a skilled laborer, or a current business owner, you can invest or grow and potentially receive an additional income from hemp without leaving your chosen profession.   If we all together produce a critical mass supply of locally grown hemp, new industries will develop; thus diversifying West Virginia’s economy and improving the business climate for everyone in our state.

Third, we are committed to developing infrastructure in hemp farming, processing and advanced manufacturing.  Your participation in our supply chain of industrial hemp will be a catalyst for the rebirth in quality American Made products and ignite job creation for all West Virginians.

If you’re committed to your own financial future that would translate to a more prosperous future in West Virginia, it’s time to think out of the box. Contact us to learn how hemp can help you and your business! Please visit us at thehia.org and select the West Virginia Chapter to join your local hemp movement.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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